UFC 289: Coach Andre with UFC Fighter Mike Malott and his coaching team.

Athlete Benefits

This program is more than just about winning championships; it's a journey of personal development. By committing to the program, athletes will not only enhance their skills on the mat but also experience significant growth in their personal lives.

Our mission is to cultivate athletes who embody gratitude, embrace growth, and hold themselves accountable. We believe that world-class jiu-jitsu will naturally follow.

What To Expect?

Dedicated Coaching Team:

Our experienced coaches are committed to your growth on and off the mats. This is an intensive program where we will work closely with you to identify your goals and build the processes necessary to achieve success.

Post-Tournament Match Review:

Receive detailed analysis and feedback from a coach after every tournament. We will review your footage and help you design a personalized curriculum to address areas for improvement and build on your strengths.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Financial support for registration fees is available for those in need. Athletes who achieve success at tournaments, display excellence, and fully embrace our core values of growth, gratitude, accountability, and connection will have opportunities to travel and compete with flights paid for.

Mental Performance Journal:

This is an essential tool in our competition team program. Using it every day will form the framework of your process, leading to tremendous growth and success.

Nutrition & Strength/Conditioning Guidance: Receive expert meal plans and nutrition guidance from Aaron Jeffery, a top 10 Bellator fighter and nutritionist. Follow a comprehensive strength and conditioning program tailored for both in-season and off-season training.


Get custom competition merch and training gear as part of the program.

Grappling Garden Standout Competitor and Coach,

Charley Jiang

Mike G, masters athlete, at the 2023 Toronto IBJJF Open

What We Expect

Practice Attendance

At the start of each season, you will create your training calendar. The minimum practices competitors are expected to attend:

- Adults: 6 practices per week.

- Masters (30+): 4 practices per week

- Teens: 3 practices per week + 2 mandatory strength and conditioning sessions.

Tournament Attendance

Participate in approximately one tournament per month.

Mental Performance Journaling

Complete mental performance journaling for every practice and tournament.

Core Values

Consistently uphold our values of growth, gratitude, accountability, and connection.

Program Details

Season Length

Full Season

• Sept '24 to May '25

• Recommended for: Adult competitors & experienced Masters competitors.

Half Season

• Sept '24 to Dec '25

• Recommended for: Teen competitors & rookie Masters competitors.


Full Season - 499$+hst

Half Season - 299$ +hst

** Registration fee can be paid in monthly instalments.


Welcome to the Grappling Garden, where we cultivate more than just techniques – we nurture growth and gratitude through the art of jiu-jitsu. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and camaraderie, supported by a welcoming community that holds each other accountable to growth, regardless of experience level.



The Grappling Garden

100 Frid St. Unit#15

Hamilton, ON

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